23 Strain Probiotic

Floratrex™ is a superior blend of 50 billion live and active cultures from 18 probiotic strains. It also contains prebiotics to help support strong gut health.

The majority of the immune system is located in the gut, which depends on a synergistic combination of healthy bacteria to function at an optimal level. Most people are surpised to learn that they have more bacteria in their body than they have cells. Good bacteria in the body is vital for maximum health and healing. However, because of the use of antibiotics, as well as the toxins and chemicals in our food, air, and water, many people have a compromised microbiome in their gut. Floratrex is one of the most comprehensive probiotic supplements on the market. It contains a 23 strain blend of both probiotics and prebiotics, which can be taken regularly to optimize intestinal health, digestion, bowel regularity, and natural immunity. Click the image to read more about the beneficial health outcomes associated with each of the unique strains of probiotic in Floratrex.

Single Strain Probiotic

Latero-Flora™ is a probiotic supplement that supports gut health by populating the digestive tract with beneficial Bacillus laterosporus (B.O.D.™) bacteria.

Latero-Flora is a single strain probiotic compound consisting of Bacillus laterosporus. Previously only available through health professionals, this strain of probiotic was relased commercially in 1989, and has often been considered the “Rolls Royce” of probiotic suppplements. It can be taken on its own, or with Floratrex for superior results. Numerous scientific studies have now linked probiotic supplementation to everything from brain health and mental focus, to emotional stability and increased immunity. Like the other product offerings from Global Healing Center, these probiotics are truly state of the art. Click the image to read the 450 positive reviews of Latero-Flora for yourself.