Level 3 Healing

The human body is nothing more than a collection of 100 trillion cells, surrounded by a network of pipes, filled with fluids. Every organ in your body consists simply of cells, pipes, and fluid. We have liver cells that make up the liver, brain cells that make up the brain, lung cells that make up the lungs, thyroid cells that make up the thyroid etc.

Furthermore, each and every cell in your body is a living entity, it eats, goes to work every day, performs its unique functions, reproduces, and eliminates waste. Your cells are alive, and collectively, they determine the health of your body and mind.

Because your cells live in a stationary environment however, they cannot go out to procure their own food, or step out to use the restroom when they feel the need to eliminate waste. As a result, each and every one of your cells is surrounded and flanked on each side by two primary pipe systems: the blood circulatory system, and the lymphatic circulatory system.

In simple terms, the blood feeds your cells nutrients from food, and oxygen from the air. If your cells could not eat they would die. Equally as important however, after your cells have eaten food and performed their vital functions, they must also eliminate waste. This is where your second circulatory system, the lymphatic system, comes in. The lymphatic system is essentially your body’s primary sewer system. It carries waste and other toxins out of the spaces in between your cells, so that your cells can live in a clean environment, not a trash dump.

The pH of the blood must be kept alkaline, or death will be imminent. In contrast to the blood however, the lymphatic sewer system is much more capable of dealing with the gnarly and acidic side of life. The lymphatic fluid is host to the body’s primary immune system, and is comprised of a thicker, fat based (i.e. lipid) fluid. It is the job of the lymphatic system, and its corresponding lymph nodes, to kill off viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. The lymphatic system is also responsible for keeping the cells clean, and carrying other acidic wastes out of the body, so these wastes can ultimately be eliminated through the kidneys, and excreted in the urine.

Although most doctors place their primary emphasis on analyzing the blood, your lymphatic system is probably 2-4 times larger than your blood circulatory system.  We still do not know exactly how large the lymphatic system truly is. But all things being equal, it is safe to say your lymph is a primary circulatory fluid that is just as important as your blood, a fact that should immediately alert us to just how seriously God and nature take this whole business of proper waste removal. Everywhere you go in life where people are gathered together, whether at a concert, restaurant, or even in your own house, there must also be at least one bathroom so people can eliminate their waste. The same is also true in your body. Your cells poop and pee out pounds of toxins on an annual basis that must be flushed into the lymphatic sewer system in order for cellular integrity to be maintained. Additionally, we are constantly exposed to numerous harmful bacteria and pollutants throughout the course of every day life that must be neutralized within the lymphatic/immune system.

Altogether, the entire circulatory network of blood and lymphatic vessels would stretch out to well over 300,000 miles in the average adult, with the lymphatic system probably containing over 200,000 + miles of intricate piping. This pipe system runs from your head to your toes, comprising an intricate highway that allows for the feeding and cleaning of your cells, all day, every day, until you die.

As I mentioned in my article on Level 2 Healing, most people are eating a diet that is highly acidic and inflammatory in nature. Overtime, excess acidity from the diet, lifestyle, environment, pharmaceuticals, and emotional/thinking patterns, leads to a hardening and stiffening of the bodily fluids. The blood and lymph become coagulated, sludgy, and dehydrated, and in the case of the lymphatic fluid, can even harden like cement.

Just think about what would happen inside a chimney if you were to burn a fire every day for years without ever calling the chimney sweep. Fire is very acidic. Over time, it will cause hardened acidic by-products to crust onto the inside of the chimney. The same is also true within your circulatory river of life. After decades of exposure to harmful acids, the lymphatic fluid and circulation becomes compromised with the build-up of hardened acidic masses and mucus. This in turn impairs the body’s immune response, and hinders the ability of the lymphatic sewer system and lymph nodes to keep the cells clean. When the cells are left living in a pool of their own waste, their overall level of functionality is obviously going to be lowered. This leads to the proliferation of every type of virus and bacteria imaginable within the body, as well as the proliferation of diseases associated with lowered cellular function, including liver diseases, thyroid disorders, behavioral disorders, neurological disorders, fatigue, anxiety, depression, asthma, adrenal fatigue, allergies, dementia, cancer, auto-immune disorders etc. etc.

Remember, the body is simply a collection of cells, surrounded by pipes, filled with fluids. Myself and many others have found that the key to reversing the symptoms of almost every state of dis-ease imaginable, is to simply focus on cleaning and detoxifying the lymphatic sewer fluid, and nourishing the cells with good nutrition through the blood. Most health conditions must exist in the bodily fluids, that is to say, in the circulation, because that’s all your body is to begin with. You are a fluid-based being. When we experience the symptoms of dis-ease, it is more often than not the plumbing that is the problem. Although this might sound like a novel concept for some, a series of landmark scientific discoveries in the last twenty years have further solidified the primacy of the lymphatic system in the disease process.


Getting a goods night’s sleep, eating a predominately raw food diet of alkaline-forming foods, drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices, juice fasting, fruit fasting, and supervised water-only fasting are the primary ways to heal and detoxify the lymphatic system and improve the circulation. There are also key herbs and supplements, as well as certain exercises that can be performed, to aid in lymphatic detoxification. In addition, sauna therapy can be an effective means of sweating stored toxins in the lymph out through the skin.  

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